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Below, you have free reign to use whatever images you want on your own page, as long as you say where you got them and provide a link.


3-D Mario jumping
gotten from the unofficial World of Nintendo
the Axem Rangers
gotten from the Nintendo Image Archive
Diddy Kong on Donkey's back
gotten from the World of Nintendo
Exor of Mario RPG
the World of Nintendo
Link jumping
World of Nintendo
A mug shot of me
by ME, must be used with permission
the Pokémon Master homepage
Mario from SMRPG
The World of Nintendo, yet again
The WON (World of Nintendo)
A treasure chest from SMRPG
Nintendo Image Archive
3-D Yoshi
the Koopa Kids Fort
Mario in Kart 64
from the Koopa Kids' Fort
Mario RPG logo
the Nintendo Image Archive
Pokémon Logo
the Nintendo Image Archive
Sonic Adventure Logo
Total Neon
the Poképage banner
by me, with help from Pokélover
the SMRPG page banner
by me
a rainbow-line
from GeoCities


A scan from the first Pokémon Power comic
by me, use freely
A scan from Pokémon Power 2
by me
Scan from Pokémon Power 3
by me
Scan from Pokémon Power 4
by me
Scan from Pokémon Power 5
by me
Pokémon Battle chart
from Pokémon Power, by me
a fire-line
from Angelfire

TIFFs, PICTs, BMPs, etc.

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