Puppet Panic Zone Act 2 -- Sonic 3-D Blast


Guilty as Charged:

The Videogame Supersite -- no rating -- My first and foremost page. By the way, the ratings are done on a one-to-seven star scale.

Pokémaster HQ -- no rating -- The second page I used an autoredirect server for. FYI, the Pokémasters were an actual group at one point, but eventually fizzled and died.... *sniff*

Infection -- no rating -- The third redirected site, it's about a story of demon posession and a hero of flame to lead the opposing team. Someday coming to a videogame system near you.


Mossy Rock Art Studio -- no rating -- My dad's website. Basically a landscape & nature oil painting gallery thing.

Eagle Peak Container -- no rating -- And my mom's website (or rather, the place she secretaries for). Fulfilling all your polyurathane and steel container needs.


Console Gaming Unlimited -- ***** -- The page of the guy who wrote some of my base HTML, Prince Diamond. Not much there, but it sure looks cool.

Kirby_4's Nintendo Page -- **** -- Kind of my sister site.... anyway, not as fancy as CGU, but has a few good sections, like the midis.

SoNiN's Sonic the Hedgehog page -- ***** -- Home of the SatAM petition!


Tripod -- ******* -- My server. One of the easier page builders around from what I hear.

Angelfire -- ****** -- My backup server. Very easy to use.

Homepad -- ****** -- The people that gave me my 3-part address. Kind of complicated to get into, but very customizable.

V3 Redirect -- ****** -- The site that simplified PKMHQ's address. Not as customizable as Homepad, but easier.

Hotmail -- ******* -- Free email. Nuff said.

Gamesites.net -- ****** -- Basically, a games-only search engine. This is where I get my advertising.

Spree -- ****** -- My second backup server that I'm using for the Infection homepage. Also easy.


Nintendo of America -- ****** -- Like most "authentic" sites, kind of cheesy, but has a cool enough club, the Nsider.

Nintendo of Japan -- ******* -- Most of it's in Japanese (of course), but has some good advance info if you know the language.

Sega of America -- ***** -- Cheesy Official Site 2

Sega of Japan -- ******* -- Like NoJ, mostly in Nihongo, but some cool stuff, especially in the Sonic Team section.


David Wonn's Glitches -- ******* -- This place is packed with stuff you probably didn't hear anywhere else. Plus plenty of Kart 64 stuff.

Pokémaniac's Pokécenter -- ***** -- Specializes more in fan-made games than actual Pokémon stuff, but still plenty of the latter.

World of Nintendo -- ******* -- Lots of Nintendo stuff, and besides, also has some highly addictive chatrooms. :^)

The Kencyclopedia -- ****** -- Okay, this is a Dragonlance site, not a Nintendo one, I know. Who cares? DL rules! This place has an even more addictive set of chatrooms.

The Gerudo's Fortress -- ***** -- Plenty of Zelda stuff. (Obviously.)

GameFAQs -- ******* -- THE place to get help for videogames. If you don't find what you're looking for at my own site, go here.

Zelda HQ -- ****** -- Even more Zelda stuff.

Total Neon -- ******* -- A very cool Sonic Adventure/NiGHTS/Burning Rangers site that has unfortunately left us. :^( Pay tribute!

Videogame Music Archive -- ******* -- A huge collection of midis. This is where I get all of mine from, btw.

Dreamcast United -- ***** -- The recruiting area for a team of Dreamcast enthusiasts.

Dreamcast HQ -- ****** -- Yes, another Dreamcast site, and very similar to IGN. Which brings us to.....

Imagine Games Network -- ******* -- The mother of all gaming sites!

Pikachu's Pokémon Centre -- ***** -- A large Pokémon archive.

RPGamer -- ******* -- A huge, also IGN-like RPG site.

The Square Citadel -- ***** -- A good-sized collection of Square-based fanfics and other cool stuff.

The Unofficial Sonic Adventure Fan Page -- ****** -- ANOTHER Dreamcast site :^).

The Sonic Foundation -- ****** -- Another cool Sonic site, this one with a bit more comic book stuff.

The Koopa Kids Fort -- ******* -- It may be dead, but its legacy lives on. Rest in peace, KKF.

Wart's Sub-Con -- **** -- One of my old pals from the KKF's chat. Could use a little more, but not that bad.

Queen Lena's Quarters -- ***** -- Another vet Chomp's Chatter (KKF). Plenty of various, um, stuff.

The Neon Bayou -- ****** -- Full of art, mostly the sparkly-eyed manga stuff, which I actually like.... um... uh, I mean.... Pika! ^_^;;

Mario HQ -- ****** -- All kinds of useless, but still fun, Mario Brothers stuff.

Neo Green Hill Zone -- ******* -- A ton of info and other stuff on Sonic, new and old. Plus a steady stream of hilariousness.

Zany Videogame Quotes -- ***** -- Another vault of humorous tomfoolery. Not for younger surfers though.

The ChaoSpace -- ****** -- You want Chao? They got Chao. :^)

Sonic Classic -- ****** -- More Sonic stuff.

Simon Wai's Sonic 2 Beta Page -- ******* -- Don't be fooled-- this has a lot more on it than just S2ß stuff. An excellent page.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Demon Wars -- **** -- An RPG site, where you make up your own character and whatnot to save Mobius from the invading demons.

Video Game Quizzes -- ***** -- Quizzes to the left. Quizzes to the right. My brain hurts.

Toastyfrog Jump! -- ****** -- Um.... hard to describe this one. Lots of anime and rpg stuff.

The Hidden Palace -- ***** -- It may not have much, but if you come here by a Dreamcast browser you can find some awesome Sonic Adventure downloads you can't get anywhere else as of now.

Wasted Space - Kixxy's Den -- ****** -- One of my friends' websites, with a lot of awesome furry/Sailor Moon art and a cool online Sonic RPG (not in the videogame RPG sense, tho)

Chrono Cross.com -- ***** -- Square fan site. Nuff said. Also has a nice messageboard.

The Hampster Dance -- no rating -- Yes, dance for me, my little hamsters! DANCE!!

Dealers: (maybe not drugs, but just as addictive)

EB World -- ******* -- Electronics Boutique online. Good prices and a nice selection.

Buyrite -- ****** -- Another online store.

Funcoland -- ******* -- And another online store. I bought Chrono Trigger here.