Mariokart 64 Quiz

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#1: How big in kilometers is Rainbow Road?

#2: Is the castle in Royal Raceway the exact same OUTSIDE as the one in Mario 64?

#3: Same as #2, but is the INSIDE the same?

#4: What does Luigi say when someone hits a weapon fired by him?

#5: How many trains are there in Kalimari Desert?

#6: What does Wario say when he wins?

#7: What is in the item box on the balloon in Luigi Raceway?

#8: How do you get Extra mode?

#9: How can you defeat an enemy instantly in the Skyscraper Vs.?

#10: What items can you use as a bomb in Vs.? (There is more than 0)

Bonus: What was Banshee Boardwalk's Japanese name?

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Cranium7: 10 correct plus bonus
Albert Olsen: 5 correct