Pokémon Quiz (Red/Blue

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#1: What types are Exeggutor?

#2: What attacks does Eevee have when you get him?

#3: In the Pokédex, what description is under Gyarados's name?

#4: True or false: Wartortle is Squirtle's final form.

#5: How much does a Great Ball cost?

#6: What item can you get at your house?

#7: True or false: Eevee turns into Moldeon with the Leaf Stone.

#8: True or false: Scyther is a Bug and Flying type.

#9: How much money do you get for beating your rival the first time?

#10: Where can you find Porygon?

#11: Who is Elite #1?

#12: What Pokémon (plural) does Bruno use?

#13: What is the first Pokémon Lance uses?

#14: What are all of the Ice-types weaknesses? (not what is weak to them)

#15: What does Softboiled do?

Bonus: What was Blastoise's Japanese name?


Tim Cox: 15 correct plus the bonus
Cranium7: 15 correct (owns Cranium 7's Nintendo Supersite)
Asteroid11, Matt Campbell, Spoofio (owner of Micellany Land), Chris Zillmer, and Nick Jackson: 14 correct
Nick Cool and Mark Socorro: 13 correct
Chris Peoples, Tomas Baldassare, and Daniel Chan: 12 correct
CharMANder: 11 correct plus the bonus
Brittany: 11 correct plus bonus
Jonathan Tse, Christopher Roper, and Leviatan (owner of Leviatan's Pokémon Dimension) and Jeff Peters: 10 correct
Felix King, Mike Ruane, Gary Kuepper, Jason, and James Lee Robinson: 9 correct
Rebecca: 8 correct plus the bonus
Chris Ocampo, Adam Vidler, and Josh: 8 correct
Trent Walke: 7 correct
Tom and Josh Halter: 6 correct
Alex: 5 correct

You need at least 5 correct to be put on the list.