Holy Bilingual Hedgehogs, Batman!

    It has been recently discovered by Gamefan magazine that the American version of Sonic Adventure will not only have English voices, but the original Japanese as well! Subtitles will be available in many languages, including English, Japanese, Spanish, and French, at the bottom of either spoken lingo style. All of the original music will remain intact, as well. However, I can't help but wonder..... since they're leaving the Japanese voices in too, will the lip synchronization be changed? If it is, will it be in English, or will the mouths stay shut? If it were in English, many of the Japanese phrases' timing will be thrown off. If it's in English.... well, anyone who's played the Limited Edition will remember that the mouths continue to move after the words are said -- sometimes for around five seconds! -- or are stopped prematurely. And there is still the very small possibility of both sync styles' programming being too much for the GD. Stay tuned.....

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