Why This Site Sucks

    Okay. Maybe the site doesn't suck. But my computer does.

    Let me explain. This is a very simple site as far as looks go. This is because I hand-write the HTML code for the entire site, besides of course the index, which was done by Prince Diamond. In any case, I don't have any site-generating software to help me out.

    There is one portion of the site that may change for the better soon, and that's the graphics. I just recently got PhotoDeluxe, which should help a great deal. I've already redone the banners, and expect some backgrounds soon.

    Another thing which a lot of you don't realize is my age. As I write this, I'm turning 13 in seventeen days. These are the days of my life that I should be enjoying outside, playing basketball, mallratting and other suchlike things. Instead, I spend them cooped up in my room, playing my videogames and making HTML a second language. Okay, so maybe I do enjoy that. :^) My point is, I'm barely old enough to go to a PG-13 movie. So as Knuckles I believe once said, "Give the kid a break, it isn't his fault."

    Because I'm the nerd that I am, I'm willing to give you the full specs on my computer. If you can actually understand this, good for you, and maybe you'll pity/ respect me a little more.
       Macintosh Quadra 605 model
       68040 CPU without FPU
       RAM: 20M
       Zip Drive on SCSI 5
       2x CD-ROM drive on SCSI 4
       UMAX Scanner on SCSI 3
       Grayscale Laserwriter 300 printer
       256 color, 640x480 monitor
       Browser: Netscape 3.0
       14.4K Modem
       pages written with SimpleText or ClarisWorks
       graphics done in GraphicConverter or Adobe PhotoDeluxe
    Yes, I like rambling. But anyway, next time you think the site sucks, imagine yourself in my shoes. It might make you think differently.

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