"Mwehyeaheaheheheeheeheeheehohohuu!" -- me

"Born in darkness, living in darkness... such is the fate of the ninja!" -- Aya, 
Pokémon: The Ninja Poké-Showdown

"Jumps he! Dashes he! Spins he! Stuff carries he! Famous the world-hedgehog Sonic is badder 
and back than ever in this new adventure 3D Dreamcast. From heartbeat to zero in a 60, 
Sonic will speeds you with wow never console before in a seen game. New with moves-all 
armed, hyper-fast the including 'Dash Attack Light' and 'Homing Speed,' crew and his Sonic 
set evil to forth the outwit Chaos Emeralds, and find the Dr. Robotnik before it's too 
late. You'll intrigue danger, vast-action worlds of packed and explore: killer from a flee 
sparkling on a tropical beach whale, ruins through sandboard mysterious, perilous into a 
tornado fly - day in a blue's work for our hero all. Sonic Adventure raises the standards 
of breathtaking with graphics 3D gaming, degree 360 full minigames, and a movement of 
discover to host. Expect the ready. You'll be unexpected for anything." -- D-H Master (I think)
(This is a goof on the text on the Sonic Adventure page at Sega.com.)

"Holy Carp!" -- me

"Hell can only be so much worse than this world." -- Kakutou, Infection

"Welcome to the House of Payne!" -- Major Payne

Mimi (trick-or-treating): "Trick."
Drew: "Trick or what?"
Mimi: "Nothing. Just trick." -- The Drew Carey Show

"Let me know when you're dead." -- Maryssa Haynes

"Good morning! And if I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!" -- Jim Carrey, The Truman Show

"This is what seperates the girls from the women!" -- Mr. Stratton, my gym teacher, at the PE tests

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