Rocks & Sucks list (Nov 1, 1999)

 Megaman X3's music  no planned making of Megaman X5
 Hopeless crushes  acne
 Pokemon Yellow  crappy computers
 Green Gibbon!  people dissing apes
 My school pictures, oddly enough  Almost everyone else's school pictures in my class
 knowing someone has a crush on you  being afraid of everything
 5-day weekends  a required 10 minutes of exercise for every hour of games
 The Lord of the Rings trilogy  The trilogy being so frippin' long
 Repeating myself  Repeating repeating repeating myself myself too too too much
 That hilarious "Jumps he! Spins he! Stuff carries he!" quote on this month's page  Self-pity
 Mentos Cool Chews  me
 having heard and seen someone, but never met them  having heard and seen someone, but never met them
 cheese  my sister's PMS tantrums
 uncontrollable grins  uncontrollable grins
 the Sonime  Tails's head cold

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