Rocks & Sucks list ()

 me talking to LG again  Frostbite's insanity
 my crush showing fewer signs of disapproval  intense girlcraziness
 Final Fantasy III  my not being able to see the new Chrono Trigger anime clips *kicks comp*
 hotties  fire
 Shania Twain  Britney Spears
 mysteriousness  loneliness
 hotties!  knowing very well I don't have a chance with any of them
 having a pseudo-girlfriend  exposing my personal life on the internet
 midis  bad midis
 Infection/personal animes  my not being able to draw Kakutou right
 J.R.R. Tolkien  having more suckses than rockses
 Christians, real ones I mean  environmentalists and "new agers"
 how much controversy that last one's gonna dig up o_O;;

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