Rocks & Sucks list (Aug. 4, 1999)

    Welcome to the first monthly Rocks & Sucks List, where credit's given where credit's due. This is loosely based on EGM's Hot & Not list, except...... um.... it's Rocks & Sucks instead. *ahem* So, without further ado....

 Sega  Sega-haters
 Smash Brothers  Square leaving Nintendo
 Sonic Adventure  Tikal's voice in Sonic Adventure
 Me finally getting a girlfriend  My girlfriend living across the country
 Articuno  Pokémon-haters
 The word "nookie"  The term "nookie"
 Mini-Me  Mr. Bigglesworth losing his fur
 Jimi Hendrix  Almost every "boy band"
 Digital cameras  Blurry screenshots
 Cheese  Lemon-lime seltzer
 Electricity  Electrocution
 My birthday being 16 days away  The Dreamcast coming out 3 weeks after my birthday
 The Dreamcast  Cutesy videogames
 The Phantom Menace  Jake Lloyd
 EGM  Nintendo Power

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