Failed Screenshots

    I develop my film, and what do I get? Pictures and screenshots. The former of which suck, besides the animal pictures =^..^= . The latter of which sucks to the extreme. Don't feel bad for me, I fail screenshots constantly. In any case, all of these are from Sonic 2, 3, or 3-K.

Sonic 3 glitch part 1
Sonic 3 glitch part 2
Sonic 3 glitch part 3
Sonic 2's "good" ending
Super Sonic vs. Silver Sonic
Super Tails pic 1
Super Tails pic 2
Hyper Sonic
Knuckles vs. Hyper Mecha Sonic pic 1
Knuckles vs. Hyper Mecha Sonic pic 2
Hyper Knuckles pic 1
Hyper Knuckles pic 2

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