"Yo queiro Taco Bell!"
 -- Gidgit the Chihuahua

"When God created women, why did He fail to include instructions?"
 -- Green Gibbon

Bart: "...and I need your help."
Lisa: "You do? Why?"
Bart: "Oh come on Lis, you know why."
Lisa: "No, why??"
Bart: "I'll never forgive you for making me say this, but... you're smarter than me."
Lisa: "Mmmmm." -- The Simpsons

"Well, I don't know, but I can't be wrong"
 -- 'It Doesn't Matter', Sonic Adventure

"Jeepers H. Christmas, man, it's colder than hell frozen over in here!!"
 -- me

"Look! It's a giant talking egg!"
 -- Sonic, Sonic Adventure

"It takes a stupid man not to learn from his own mistakes, but it takes a complete idiot not to
 learn from others'!"
 -- Kelsey Grammar, Frasier

"What you say? No rubbish or Ayla, head go boom!"
 -- Ayla, Chrono Trigger

"No data found. Location unknown. ... ... ... This presents a problem."
 -- E-100 "g", Sonic Adventure

*in a supercute Anime schoolgirl voice* "Anata baka! (You fool!)"
 -- Yuri Sakazaki, Art of Fighting 2

"Ganbatte, Sonikku! (Hang on, Sonic!)"
 -- Tails, Sonic the Hedgehog: Journey to Robotnikland

"Goodbye Kitty!"
 -- me

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