Rocks & Sucks list (Sep. 4, 1999)

 The Dreamcast  The name "Dreamcast"
 My school  Hopeless crushes
 9.9.99  666
 Being able to play Sonic Adventure in Japanese  SoA ignoring SA's english lip-syncing
 Overachievement  Being "the boy with the net girlfriend"
 Finding my old Simpson Comics Strike Back compilation book  Finding my old armpit hair on my sheets every morning
 Having armpit hair  Not being able to show your armpit for fear of someone puking
 My site  My site
 The lyrics in like every Sonic Adventure song  "My Sweet Passion"
 "Red Mountain: Red Hot Skull"  "Emerald Coast: Big Fishing"
 Anime  American "action cartoons"
 The necklace Kristen made for me  Me not being able to return the favor
 Love  War
 Study Hall  Homework
 Marvel vs. Capcom  Marvel vs. Capcom not being a Dreamcast launch title
 Japanese  Totemo oku no kanji

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