Toxic Seahorse -- Megaman X3
This month:

7.5.2000-- Feel blessed, all ye comers, for today is bestowed upon thee my first review since Sonic Adventure. (That'd be MvsC2.) Damn my thumb's sore...
"And to all the wonderful idiots out there... I dedicate this layout to you. Mwaa." -- Kixxy (after remodeling her webpage to a lovely Gothic decor)

7.4.2000-- Don't go wetting yourself now... all I've got for you today is a new game on the Games page. Yep, I got Marvel vs. Capcom 2 today, and it kicks ass.
"Shpoofy!" -- Psy (where you been, anyway???)

6.13.2000-- Another new midi and a few changes to the notice and background music on the home.
"You never know where there's a Slim Shady lurkin', could be workin' at the Burger King spittin' on your onion rings" -- Eminem in "The Real Slim Shady"

6.9.2000-- One new midi (the CT Party Mix). Even with school out, don't expect too many updates, because... well, I just don't like this site anymore.
"Have a 'wonderful' summer" -- Scott Emerson, in my yearbook