Sonic Adventure Quiz

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#1: What color are Knuckles's eyes?

#2: What is the name of the peach Echidna girl?

#3: What is the name of the only area in an action stage, identified by its music track, that three seperate characters go to?

#4: True or false: The special chao egg in the Egg Carrier prison is black.

#5: What are the first four words in the song 'Open Your Heart'?

#6: True or false: Hot Shelter cannot be accessed by Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles.

#7: True or false: You can play as Knuckles before you defeat Chaos 4 (without using the "rapid reset" [A+B+X+Y+Start])

#8: Chaos is the god of what?

#9: About how many rings are required to finish Casinopolis with Sonic? Your answer can be off by 10 at most.

#10: Red Mountain can be visited by three characters. List all three ways of destroying the monkey outside. Up to three points can be rewarded here.

#11: What is E-102's last boss? I'll take two answers.

#12: Who sings the rap parts in Knuckles's theme? I'll accept three answers.

#13: What is Amy's first action stage?

Bonus: How do you say "Tails" in Japanese? Only English letters, please.


E-100 "alpha": 15 correct plus bonus
Dusty: 11 correct 9 correct

You need at least 5 points to be put on the list. Also, no partial credit.