(If you didn't know, FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions)

 SSSS    M     M  RRRR     PPPP     GGGGG          FFFFFFFF   AAA      QQQ
S    S   MM   MM  R   R    P   P   G     G         F         A   A    Q   Q
S        M  M  M  R    R   P    P G                F        A     A  Q     Q
   SS    M  M  M  RRRRR    PPPPP  G                FFFFFF   AAAAAAA  Q     Q
     S   M     M  R R      P      G    GGG         F        A     A  Q   Q Q
S    S   M     M  R  R     P       G     G         F        A     A   Q   Q
 SSSS    M     M  R   R    P         GGGGG         F        A     A    QQQ Q

 A list of Frequently Asked Questions about Super Mario RPG

Q. Are there any hidden characters?
A. It depends on your definition of "hidden characters." If you mean party members: no. If 
you mean bosses that you don't need to fight to complete the game, there are three. 
Booster, who you fight after you lose the curtain game in Booster's Tower, Jinx, who you 
fight thrice in MonstroTown, and Culex, a boss from Final Fantasy II who you find behind 
the sealed door, which can be opened with the Shiny Stone. Or, you could mean mushroom 
people who can't be seen. There's one behind the house with the jumping kid in the Mushroom 
Kingdom, and one behind the house in the north corner of Rose Town.

Q. How do you get 30 and 100 Super Jumps?
A. 30 can be gotten by pressing Y at the right times, but this takes practice. 100 is much 
more tricky. You must press Y to activate it, but from then on alternate between A, X, and 
B. Thanks to AirErvin ( for how to get 100.

Q. How do I get to Grate Guy's Casino?
A. First, get to Bean Valley. Then go back to Booster's Tower and climb up it until you see 
Knife Guy juggling. Play his game and touch the hand with the yellow ball 12 times. Once 
you do this you will get the Bright Card. Then go back to Bean Valley and go to the screen 
with the Save Block (just before Mega Smilax). Enter the top pipe and kill the Chomp Chomp. 
once that's done, go to the westmost corner and jump 3 times. Then go through the path that 
appears. To get in you need the Bright Card. You can lose hundreds of coins at the slots 
and tens of Frog Coins at Blackjack. If you talk to Grate Guy a few times you can play Look 
the Other Way. If you win 100 times you get the Star Egg. After that, get rid of your 
Bright Card.

Q. Okay, how and why should I get rid of the Bright Card?
A. You should get rid of it because each wasted space of inventory is an item lost. You can 
get rid of it two ways: sell it anywhere for 777 coins or give it to an old geezer in the 
Marrymore Inn. Talk to him and he offers 100 coins. Yeah right! Turn it down and he'll 
offer 5 FROG coins. Almost but not quite. Refuse again and he'll offer 10 frog coins. 
Accept this, because he won't go any higher. Voila! You're one item (theoretically) and 10 
FC richer.

Q. What are the two easiest ways to get EP?
A. The easiest way is to find a normal star (not a Star Piece). Blast through nearby 
enemies and then kill yourself. No kidding! When you die you'll start back at the last Save 
Block... with your extra EP! As long as you don't save _after_ you use the Star, then you 
can repeat this infinitely. This is very useful in Bandit's Way, the Sea, and Land's End. 
The second is to find some enemies, beat them, and keep coming back for more! E. G. the 
Yaridoviches before the Factory's final stretch. Also, in Booster's Tower you can save, 
fight Booster (by losing the curtain game), die by the Guys' hands, and repeat. This will build up your levels sufficiently.

Q. What are the two easiest ways to get coins?
A. The easiest is to beat Magikoopa in Bowser's Keep and use the Gold Treasure Box. 
However, it takes a while to get that far, so in Rose Way, the second-to-last screen has 5 
treasure chests. Take their contents and come back to that screen. Ha!

Q. What are the two easiest ways to get Frog Coins?
A. The easiest is to get below 11 seconds on the Land's End cliff to get 5 per pop. The 
second is to hop on the Shoguns or Wigglers. Jump on them 3 or 10 times respectively to get 
20 normal and a Frog or 10 normal and a Frog, also respectively.


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