Mario RPG Quiz

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#1: What does Booster say when you Psychopath him?

#2: How many hit points does Smithy 1 have?

#3: How many hit points does Smithy 2 have?

#4: How many hit points does Culex have?

#5: What game was Culex in first?

#6: How many Mushrooms (maximum) can you get from Toad at Mario's Pad?

#7: In Nimbus Land, what can you get from Toad?

#8: Who is leading the parade in the ending?

#9: How many coins is the Lamb's Lure worth?

#10: Where do you see Bowser for the second time?

#11: What does Geno say when you try to leave Star Hill without the star?

#12: What hand punches when you jump facing north?

#13: How much Magic Attack power does Terra Cotta have?

#14: What is the last tune that plays in the game?

#15: What does Samus say?

Bonus: Who is the Production Manager of the Player's Guide?


Cranium7: 15 correct plus bonus
Greg, and Peter Spinney: 6 correct
Asteroid11 and Lance: 4 correct