Toxic Seahorse -- Megaman X3
This month:

12.16.2000-- If you didn't hear... well, you've got the wrong page bookmarked, that's for sure. Click here for the bad news. As a side note, I did, finally, go more than a month. *clap clap*

11.10.2000-- Damn.... still couldn't make it a whole month. Ah well. Updated games page and profile for you today there is.
"Tingle, Tingle! Kooloo-limpah!" - Tingle, Majora's Mask

10.14.2000-- Fixed a broken link on the lower frame (to the main page). I'm still not talking to you. :^\
"Who's the dork?! -crowd: You's the dork!!- *bows*" - me (you probably would have had to hear the whole conversation)

9.19.2000-- Could it be? ...nope, just a little tiny update to the SSB FAQ. If I loved ya (or if I actually got an email every once in awhile), I'd give you some more links to visit instead of this hellhole. Anyway, if you're reading this, do me a favor and check out Infection. I swear, I haven't gotten a single hit in like a month...
"Ooh la la! You are even more sexzy zan I t'ought!" - Harle, Chrono Cross (Isn't every day you hear that, now is it?)

8.21.2000-- Nothing today, just wanted to tell y'all not to cuss at me if you want me to post your stuff. Go get Chrono Cross, now.

8.17.2000-- I got Chrono Cross, but no stinkin' Playstation to play it on till the 19th... Ah well, the mini-soundtrack that comes with preorders kicks ass (not as much as the original CT stuff, but still). It also has some cool artwork from Mr. Escaflowne himself, Nobuteru Yuuki, like this and this and this and this. Not much actual stuff today (as always), but I got a nice long quote for ya. By the way, my birthday's on the 20th :)
"She was getting sick and tired of getting sick and tired / She'll drink 3 cups of coffee and get really wired / She'll twitch and moan and shake her head / And lie on the floor, pretend she was dead / She was normal, but at the same time...." -- Phil Joel, Strangely Normal

8.5.2000-- A few more midis for y'all. In other news, I'm currently working on a pointless MvsC2 damage faq. In other other news, Chrono Cross comes out in 10 days. :)
"It's SUPER GOODNESS!!!" -- Toastyfrog

7.27.2000-- After a short period there of having no computer (seems like little Mac's turned into a man, since now you have to toggle his switch a few times to turn him on-- much like aging men), I'm back. Of course, not with much except some cleaning up on the Profile section and some new categories in the ones still left there ("cos" is spelled like that intentionally, oh leet observant ones). By the way, the Wow 2000 CDs rock, except that god-awful Veggie Tales song of course...
"When they ask me what I did, I'll say I was on an island with a queer that likes to run around naked" -- Rudy, Survivor

7.19.2000-- Four new midis, all from Zelda 3. Also updated the Links page, cos Square fansites need love too.
"When the toast has burned and all the milk has turned, and Captain Crunch is waving farewell, when the Big One finds you, let this song remind you that they don't serve breakfast in hell" -- Newsboys, "Breakfast"

7.19.2000-- Yee.'s back open, so one new midi for you.
Gabumon: "Hmm."
Matt: "Hmm."
Gabumon: "Hmm.
Matt: "...I guess that just about says it all." -- Digimon

7.5.2000-- Feel blessed, all ye comers, for today is bestowed upon thee my first review since Sonic Adventure. (That'd be MvsC2.) Damn my thumb's sore...
"And to all the wonderful little idiots out there... I dedicate this layout to you. Mwaa." -- Kixxy (after remodeling her webpage to a lovely Gothic decor)