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Fortuna -- Star Fox

LAST UPDATED 12.16.2000

The elements collide in a post-apocalyptic battle to determine the fate of the universe. Interested? Click here to go to the website about my story/doujinshi, Infection! Note that it's still in its youth as far as production goes.
Hello all, and welcome to my website. I'm your tour guide, Cranium. Look around and you're bound to find something good. Yeah, strategies, midis, quizzes, I've got it all....... and more importantly, a really sugoi link page! I specialize in Super Mario RPG, Pokémon, Zelda, and Sonic, but check out the Games page if you have woes with some other game.
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Games- A list of my games, as well as the strategy and review pages.
Updates- See what's new at my site.
Banners/Links- See some kewl sites.
Chat Room- For game junkies only! You don't need Java.
Image Gallery- A list of all the images I have.
VSS Message Board- Post almost whatever you want on this.
Sounds- Stuff to listen to.
Scores- Who's the man, WHO'S THE MAN, HUH, PUNK?!?!
Rants- Listen to the crazy snail rave.


Super Mario RPG
Mariokart 64
Sonic Adventure

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1: I recently merged the Sega and Nintendo Supersites into what you see now. If you got here from anywhere but or, update your bookmarks. (If you got here from someone's Links page, please email them to tell them to change it.)

2: This site is optimized to a 640x480 screen resolution, which as far as I know is one of the lowest screen resolutions out there. That pretty much means this site might look messed up on a more "advanced" screen, but I don't have any way of checking that since I, myself, have a 640x480. And I'm not gonna change it for anybody, either.

3: One thing I have to make clear right now: I'll update this site when I want to, not you. (Thanks for the idea, Winx :^) Even with school out, updates will be few and far between, have not much in them, or both. However, I am still active with the Infection website, so be sure to check it out.


Cranium 7
E-100 "alpha"*

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